Bernie Mac: “I’m Gonna Be A Comedian, So You Never Have To Cry Again”


Mac starred in the incredibly successful “Kings Of Comedy” tour and movie. He quickly became a household name with the award-winning Bernie Mac Show, multi-million dollar movies and a long stand up career, but his beginnings were far from glamorous.

One Sunday night when he was four or five, Mac found his mother crying in front of the television. She refused to explain the cause of her tears, and before her young son could press any further, Bill Cosby came onto “The Ed Sullivan Show” and started doing a routine about snakes in the bathroom.

“And my mother started laughing and crying at the same time,” he says now, the story so frequently told that he could probably do it in his sleep. “And when I saw my mother laugh, I started laughing, and I wiped her face and said, ‘Mom, that’s what I’m gonna be. I’m gonna be a comedian, so you never have to cry again.‘”