Pastor Takes Healthcare Into His Own Hands: By Farming!

… from the garden. But it was more of a process of pain. I can literally see this guy getting out of this pickup truck, telling my father that he didn’t make any money for the year. It was so painful to watch my father be oppressed, to watch him walk away with nothing. That’s why I did not like the land.”

“When I came back to the land, I had to deal with my anger. And I’m still coming through that process. But for me, working in the garden has been a healing place. This has given me the opportunity to appreciate what my father took pride in teaching me about the fields. At this point now, I like the garden. It’s a place we can play. It’s a place where we can produce. And it’s a place where we can live.”

From children to adults, they all learn how to cook the food in a nutritious way, helping each family eat healthier at home. As a result, many people are now reaping the benefits of Joyner’s ideas. Emergency room visits are down, and the community as a whole is healthier.

Joyner also feels the efforts are bearing fruit in a way that’s far beyond just monetary and health.

“Growing food calls us to work together,” he said. “By nourishing plants, you’re nourishing community. It’s one and the same.”

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