Comedian Tommy Davidson Thrown Out & Left For Dead: “Doctors Didn’t Know If I Would Live”

… Washington, DC at one of the most racially violatile times in American history–two days after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was shot and killed.

“We moved to Washington, D.C., the week Martin Luther King [Jr.] got shot. So we move into one of the worst black cities,” he told HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill. “There’s a riot, tear gas, tanks and federal troops are there. Me, my sister and my brother were laying on the floor in the car wondering what the hell was going on.”

Although Davidson was surrounded by a volatile environment, he didn’t feel any resentment because of the love that he felt at home and with the family, his family, that took him in.

“The love that I got didn’t have any color,” he said.

Here is Tommy showing the love to his fans during one of his classic stand up routines.

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