Dancing Vice-Principal: “I Don’t Do Bad Days” (Video Goes Viral)

Gary Logan, an assistant principal at Woodrow Cummins Elementary School in Conway, Arkansas, knows how to shake off the Monday (and every other day for that matter) blues. Every morning Gary gets the nearly 400 students ready for school in one of the most awesome ways possible: by groovin’ and shakin’ with a song and dance.

“We want kids to be excited about coming to school,” the administrator shares.

And most of them can’t wait to get to school to watch Logan’s infectious song and dance routine.

“Our tardy rate has gone way down,” Logan says about the ritual he started last school year after being hired as assistant principal. “The kids bug their parents, ‘C’mon, c’mon, we gotta get there.’ The kids don’t want to miss the fun.”

assat principal

Logan has been singing to kids since he was a third-grade teacher and bus driver.

“It all started with my love of music,” Logan confesses.

“The first bus I drove didn’t have a radio, so I started singing a capella,” he says. “I sang everything from pop hits to some of my favorites from the Baptist hymnal.”

Logan, who says he never had a bad day, gets to school at 7:05 every morning. He says a prayer then heads to the cafeteria to start the party.

Logan keeps his routine fresh with a different tune or dance routine each morning, keeping up to date with…