116-Year-Old Woman & Last Person Born In 19th Century Has Died

… the help of 24-hour home health aides. She sleeps an average of 10 hours and takes occasional naps during the day.

Jones, to her friends and neighbors, is described as “alert” and able to notice small details like whether or not a blanket has been moved despite being blind. She only takes two medications a day.

“She’s never really had medical issues,” another niece shared.

In addition to her good appetite, Jones chews Doublemint gum. Her hair, long since turned white, has come in brown again. She voted for Barack Obama, twice. (A birthday letter from him hangs on her wall.) And next fall, Susannah Mushatt Jones will perhaps get to vote for a woman as well. Whoever’s elected would be her 21st ­president.
Known as “Tee” (short for auntie) the centenarian has over 100 nieces and nephews in multiple states across the country.

When asked how she felt turning 116, she simply said “I can’t believe it. Every day is a celebration.”

And whether you are 116 or 16 years old, every day above ground is a celebration. Rest in peace, Susannah.

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