Water Pills & Weight Loss: The Truth

The Truth 

The reality is that these pills are truly only meant for people who NEED them for health reasons such as high blood pressure control. They aren’t meant to be taken leisurely, and if done so, they should be taken under the premise of it will only give temporary results.

These are not meant to help lose weight and the most definitely don’t replace actual weight loss mechanisms such as working out and healthy dieting. “Water pills don’t affect excess body fat,” says Dr. Anegaw. Therefore, this is exactly why any inches you lose from taking water pills are only temporary because you aren’t actually losing any real weight, just water.  In fact, studies suggest that extended usage of diuretics can cause a disorder called diuretic induced edema. This essentially means that your Kidneys will be comprised and begin storing more water and sodium than they can handle, causing the body to swell.

Diuretics should only be taken under the prescription and care of your doctor.

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