5 Things To Know Before Coloring Your Hair At Home

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2. Is it your first time trying this out? Well don’t make your first time a disastrous practice session. My first time trying to color my hair I couldn’t figure out how in the heck I was going to get all of my thick strands covered within the specified time frame. So, I practiced with conditioner the week before. I used the brush and bowl and just timed myself covering my strands quickly and EVENLY. This is extremely important. You don’t want the product to over process on the hair so timing is everything, but you also want to be diligent about getting every bit of your strands covered otherwise you will end up with an uneven look. The bonus to this faux practice session is that it doubles as a deep conditioning treatment!

3. Be prepared to make a mess. The color is meant to stain, so therefore you need to prep your styling area as well as your body for any potential spills and errors. One thing I like to do is prep my hairline with Vaseline. This prevents staining the skin around the hair, making your new hair color look even more unnatural. I also wear a shirt that I don’t mind ruining and cover my floor with old towels. If you are going red, a beautiful color but the best at staining, be weary of staining your tub when you go to rinse. I’ve found that a vinegar/water mixture and soak helps to alleviate permanent staining if done right after your shower.

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