Karyn White: Still Not Your “Superwoman” 30+ Years Later

Karyn_WhiteWhen Karyn White’s album came out, nearly every woman was singing her strong woman anthem, “Superwoman.” She became the first female artist to have their first three solo releases hit #1 on the R&B charts. But as bright and as fast as she came out, it seems as though she left off the face of the earth the same way. But the last 30+ years have been busy for the R&B singer: she got divorced, lost her mom and has been taking care of her children. Now, at age 54, Karyn explains how her new life is even as “super” as when she was doing music full time.

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“The song “Superwoman” and my whole image was for women’s empowerment. I’m really glad that I made that kind of impression; that I made songs that help women find their voice. When I’m on stage singing that song I can’t help but think, “God, this is a testimony.” I really try to share that because I want to empower women. I just see a lot of us buying into this whole, “’I can do what a man does.’”

“A lot of recording artists put their identities in their music or in a hit record and if they’re not so-called “hot” anymore, they become hermits. I never had that. I really felt like, “Okay, I was successful at that and I did that, but now I’m doing this.” I never had regrets or a “woe is me” attitude. I just really had to step back. Not really even me stepping back, but I believe the Lord pulled me out. It was always about the art and the music, but this time, I became a spiritual person as well as a business [person].

“My mother was dying at the same time and I was going through a transition with my record company. There was a…

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