LaWanda Page: Sanford & Son’s Hidden Gem

…newfound TV fame. During her tenure as a stand-up comic, which lasted all the way to the 1990s, she was often called The Queen of Comedy, or in some mainstream circles, The Black Queen of Comedy. Other than the expletive-free Sane Advice album, released two years after the run of Sanford and Son, most of Page’s albums and stand-up material were raunchy in nature.fred-and-esther

When the taping of Sanford & Son started, the producers noticed during rehearsals that Page was unfamiliar with the ins-and-outs of producing a television sitcom; she had been more accustomed to performing in nightclubs. So one of the producers told Foxx that he was going to fire Page and hold auditions again for the “Aunt Esther” role, so that taping could begin. Foxx was like “Hell no!” and insisted LaWanda play the part and he threatened to walk away from the show if she was given the boot. So of course, the producers stuck with Page, who proved all of them wrong and became one of the most memorable characters on TV during in the ’70’s.

Page’s death from diabetes teaches us all a lesson about a busy lifestyle and eating healthy: both can be done together, but you just have to remember a few things:

  1. Reduce Portion Sizes – you can still have what you want to eat, but just eat less of it.  Adding more water to your daily routine will help you feel more full as well.
  2. Move A Little More Each Day – staying active helps with the fight against diabetes. Even if it is just walking 10 more minutes a day
  3. Stay In Touch With Your Doctor – Schedule regular check-ups and if your physician finds anything early, there’s still time to turn it around and stop diabetes

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