Quick Grab & Go Post-Workout Snacks

yogurt pot close up

I absolutely love to eat. In fact, I am the happiest when I am eating and the grouchiest when I am hungry. When I go to the gym, the only thing I can keep my mind on is what I am going to eat when I leave! It’s often so counterproductive because the harder I go in the gym the more unhealthy and greasier I want the food to be! It also doesn’t help when I’m running on the treadmill and the gym is playing the Food Network and an episode of Best. Burger. Ever.  comes on.  I think someone should ban that show from the gym!

What I’ve realized is that craving food after the gym doesn’t have to be counterproductive and negative. Eating the right foods that will help you continue to burn calories, as well as support muscle recovery, will work to your advantage. Here are some snacks that you can feel not so guilty about after those squats!

1. Peanut Butter and Apples

This low calorie snack is not only tasty and healthy, but easy to make. Easy enough that you can put it together pre-workout so that post workout you don’t find yourself rushing to the closest fast food place to ease your cravings instantly. If you are feeling extra healthy, try a little almond butter instead!

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