101-Year-Old Cheerleader Still Cheers From The Sidelines

…cheerleader from 1934-35.

“I like being involved with everything that’s going on; if the cheerleaders are there, I want to be there,” Brunson said.

She also joined the other alumni cheerleaders on the sideline during the al game to cheer on the Tigers.

“We didn’t do any of what they do today,” Brunson said. “The most we did was probably a flip. I am more than amazed at how far cheerleading has come. As long as it’s clean, I like what they’re doing today.”

During Brunson’s time as a cheerleader, social security was established, the board game Monopoly was created, and a host of other “firsts.” But for Brunson, that just means she’s a trailblazer.

Along with participating in TSU’s homecoming festivities, Brunson also joins the alumni cheerleaders each spring for the football team’s annual Legend’s Game, some basketball games and for performances at several assisted living facilities throughout the year.

The cheerleaders association is raising funds to establish two scholarships for TSU cheerleaders. One will even be named in Brunson’s honor.

“Once you’re a cheerleader, you’re always a cheerleader,” Brunson said. “I have just as much enthusiasm as I ever did. I just can’t show it like I once could.”

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