#TeamNatural & #TeamWeave: Why I Decided To Quit Both Teams & Love Myself

… from me or someone else? Does their hair hold me back in any way?  No. So as a grown woman, I had to grow up and realize, hey, do you!

3. Hating Takes Too Much Energy – As a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend–all while holding down a career–I don’t have time to hate on the next women.  It just takes too much energy. There are enough things trying to hold us back as it is, so I’m trying to work with my sisters to achieve the best they can. I use the age old motto, “don’t hate, congratulate!”

So now that I’ve grown and that I’m wiser, I see the error of my ways.  There’s a fine line between critique and putting someone else down. At the end of the day, as a woman, not a girl, we must move past things that separate us and embrace the things that bring us together.

Your sister in love,


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