[Ask Dr. Phoenyx] Walking Vs. Running: Which Is Best For Weight Loss?

When it’s time to shed pounds, many people take up running because it’s a proven way to break a good sweat and torch lots of calories. Plus, running itself is pretty simple and straightforward and doesn’t require any special equipment or even a gym membership.

But what if you’re not too hot on running and prefer to walk? Does that mean you won’t get as great of a workout, and thus won’t be able to lose as much weight if you walk?

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In this Ask Dr. Phoenyx episode I tackle a question that many fitness newbies have pondered when it’s time to lace up your sneakers and get in shape – Should I run or should I walk?

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Dr Phoenyx headshotDr. Phoenyx Austin, M.D. is a certified Sports Medicine Specialist, best-selling author, and the creator of Dr. Phoenyx brand nutritional supplements for Healthy Hair and Fit Body. Follow Dr. Phoenyx on her website and YouTube channel for fitness tips and healthy living inspiration.

How To Pick The Right Personal Trainer

man personal trainer

With social media taking over, more and more self-proclaimed personal trainers are popping up out of nowhere. Someone loses 5 lbs on their own and all of a sudden they are capable of being the next Gunnar Peterson or Jillian Michaels. Don’t get sucked into the hype. Searching for a great personal trainer is like trying to find the perfect hairstylist: their talent isn’t the only thing that matters. Keep the following in mind as you hunt down your fitness coach. It will save you a lot of energy in the long run!

1. Check Their Credentials 

Would you go to a doctor who had no degree, or a hairstylist with no schooling? Finding a personal trainer is just as important of a task, and making sure you are dealing with a knowledgeable individual is key. There are plenty of reputable companies that fitness trainers can go through to get certified and checking out their credentials should be your first priority. Fitness is a part of health care and if done under the wrong supervision it can be harmful. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof of certification! I mean come on now, they aren’t going to be afraid to ask for that hefty payment at the end of each session!