‘Baby Buns’ Is “Very Small, But Very Strong”

Just two days after being placed in the critical care unit at a Virginia hospital, wife and now proud mother Dana Griffin-Graves is back home recovering while going back and for the to the hospital to check on her newborn Kaleb. The proud mother, Arkell, gave birth to Kaleb 24 weeks early. The couple (who were having trouble conceiving) gained major attention after Graves’ tearful reaction to his wife’s surprise pregnancy went viral less than a month ago. Arkell was seen in the video sobbing with joy that after 17 years of trying, four miscarriages and one still birth, God blessed them with a child.

The fight isn’t completely over however, Graves told reporters.

Arkell couldn’t be a more proud dad: “…Just to let the world know, he’s very small but he’s strong.”

“We are able to report Kaleb was taken off of his 2 medications and he continues to make progress. We celebrated Kalebs 1 week birthday and Keelyn met his little brother for the 1st time today. God continues to get the glory for his awesomeness.”

When speaking about his wife in an interview with local TV station, WRIC, Arkell Graves gets a little teary eyed. “She didn’t have to do this, so my respect for her is, oh man, I don’t even think Webster has a word for it.”

Griffin-Graves just came home on Monday. She returned to social media on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 and shared this heartfelt message:

“The first 24 hours of my discharge have been bittersweet. Although I am back home with my family, I am thirty minutes away from Baby Kaleb. But his hospital is definitely our second home. Baby Bun’s last two days there have been so much better, although he is still medically critical. God is answering our prayers daily and…

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