Beauty Mark Or Genetic Mutation?

woman with frecklesWho would’ve thought that some of the most sought-after facial features, including dimples and light-colored eyes, are actually genetic mutations?
Now that your mind is officially blown, we’re going to take it a step or two further and bring you a list of five of the most beautiful imperfections as a way to celebrate all of our differences.
1.   Dimples
Who doesn’t love dimples? Nicki Minaj, Gabrielle Union, LL Cool J and Usher are famous for theirs, but did you know that dimples are actually a genetic mutation caused by a shorter-than-normal zygomaticus major (a facial muscle)? This causes the facial muscles to pull at the skin. The shorter the muscle, the deeper the dimple. And in case you’re wondering, cleft chins are considered to be a genetic mutation as well.