Meet The Cultured Vegan: Chef Rain Truth Dishes On The Lifestyle & Business Of Black Veganism

the cultured veganA lot of people have discipline, but Chef Rain Truth, owner of The Cultured Vegan – a company that offers personal chef services, catering, vegan lifestyle coaching, as well as a culinary program for children ages 4 to 18, just to name a few – is the epitome of the word.

After starting her vegan journey back when she was only nine years old, Chef Rain is pregnant with her third child and is continuing her vegan lifestyle.

While most pregnant women can’t seem to get enough ice cream, chocolate, potato chips, pickles and pretty much anything that’s loaded with sugar and salt, Chef Rain’s cravings are quite the opposite to say the least.

“My top cravings are avocado or guacamole, beets and watermelon,” she says. “I eat a lot of ethnic food, so I wake up craving Ethiopian, Indian or Mediterranean dishes. Those cuisines are most commonly associated with being vegan-friendly.”

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