Donnie McClurkin Finds Strength In Faith

The Festival of Praise

The Festival of Praise

Believe it or not, the passing of McClurkin’s niece was not the first death in the family of that year. Back in March, one of McClurkin’s siblings, Cheryl “Cheri” McClurkin, passed away from a heart attack (he also previously lost a different sister and both parents to cancer). Naturally, he took to social media to comment on the loss. Along with a picture of his late sister, he captioned it, “My sister …ENJOY HEAVEN, Cheri.”

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Notice a trend with how Donnie McClurkin deals with tragedy? Without the optimism that lives within him, he would have become insane. Who wouldn’t? He has been losing loved ones all at once. Optimism is a huge part of faith (another large component being courage).

Essentially, with his strong relationship with God and God’s word, he knows that everything will be alright. Why? Because not only does everything happen for a reason – even if it takes you forever to understand why – but one day he will be reunited with the people he lost early on.

We can all learn from this mindset and here is why. Things happen in life that we have no control over – the death of a loved one is one of those circumstances. Some serious grieving time is needed in order to release those emotions of anger, sadness and confusion. But the truth is, you still have to carry on in life; other people need you! While you can never truly “get over” a death that hits close to home, faith allows you to cope with it. With faith you know that everything will be alright. And it will be!


As we all know, life is not only filled with pain and sorrow. McClurkin also had a notable victory to celebrate this year. McClurkin’s radio program, “The Donnie McClurkin Show” on WBLS FM, pulled in the highest ratings the station had ever seen during its 5 a.m. to 6 a.m. time slot.

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McClurkin previously told The Christian Post that God’s grace allowed him to accomplish what he set out to do for the Kingdom. So, add another important component to faith: knowing the grace of God.

“The definition of grace is the supernatural ability to do what you cannot do in the natural and God graces us to do what He’s called us to do,” he said. “He put just enough hours in a day, just enough days in a week and just enough weeks in a month for us to accomplish things.”


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