My Story: A Mother And Daughter’s Special Bond

mother daughterIn a time where many children are trying to get as far away from their parents as possible, Imani is doing the exact opposite. Even though mother Sue, 46, is double the age of her daughter Imani Evans, 23, they look so much alike that they are often asked if they are sisters. And this glamorous duo takes pride in looking the same, dressing the same and doing everything together.

“We’ve been mistaken for sisters so many times I’ve lost count,” Sue tells DailyMail. “I definitely take it as a compliment.”

Imani said it was when she hit her teenage years that she first noticed a similarity between her and her mother.

“There are times when I don’t like the clothes she’s chosen, but as soon as I try them on I fall in love with them,” Sue admits. “Imani’s like my very own personal stylist – she knows me better than I know myself.”

“When we’re not running our online fashion store together, we’re shopping, working out side-by-side in the gym, getting a 2-4-1 massage in the spa, or sitting next to each other watching our favorite TV shows,”
Imani says. “She is amazing, so why wouldn’t I want to look like her? We have such a close bond and love spending time together.”

“We do our hair the same, our nails and makeup the same, and aside from our looks, we have the same personalities too.”

Sue agreed “We have the same sense of humor and laugh at all the same things.”

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Several years ago, the pair branded themselves as MADD and, when meeting new people, introduce themselves as the ultimate mother and daughter duo.

Sue said: “Imani and I often stay up until the early hours chatting, and it was during one of those nights when we got the idea.” “We were lying in bed gossiping when Imani said, ‘You know, everyone says we’re mad and what we do is crazy, and mad stands for mother and daughter – so why don’t we call ourselves the Mother And Daughter Duo?’
And that was that. It just stuck. Now, when people ask us why we’re so alike, we simply tell them we’re MADD!”

mother daughter3Imani continues, “Mom is older and wiser than me and her life experiences have stopped me making the same mistakes others my age have.”

“I’ve avoided teenage pregnancy, heartache and failure, and it’s all thanks to her. Everyone has a best friend – mine just so happens to be my mom. I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

She said: “I was at the age where I was choosing my own clothes, but it wasn’t enough for me…