Chef Judson Todd Allen: Building Flavors Instead Of Fat

jtallen2Once battling an addiction to food, chef Judson Todd Allen, the Architect of Flavor is now showing others a heart-healthier way to enjoy good food. He has helped celebrity clients like Jamie Foxx, Jill Scott, and is the key to mega-superstar Steve Harvey’s weight loss by being his personal chef.

But the journey to where he is now, wasn’t always pretty.

“I grew up around food and I grew up around good food. But somewhere along that line, that love and passion for food turned into an addiction to me. I tell people it got so bad that my mother had to put a lock on the refrigerator door. Those dreams turned into me getting up at night and raiding the refrigerator. It wasn’t necessarily that I was hungry, I just wanted to eat. I was over passionate about food to my detriment.”

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“I saw myself in my graduation photo in 2003 and I said, ‘Oh Lord, I’ve got to make a change,'” he remembers. “I had this degree in food science and nutrition. There was no excuse for me not to make the change.”