The Transformation Of Michael B. Jordan

Michael B Jordan sweaty

As I was watching Creed at the movie theater, I could not help but notice how much Michael B. Jordan has to offer the world of cinema. The 28 year old made noticeable transformations to play the son of fictional Rocky franchise character Apollo Creed, including packing on 24 pounds…of muscle! And what a way to be recognized for the hard work by being featured on the cover of Men’s Fitness Magazine. During an interview at the cover photoshoot, a happy Michael B. Jordan detailed his diligence and dedication towards becoming his character. He might as well be a real boxer because he looks and fights just like one.

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An excited Michael B. Jordan explained,  “Being on the cover of Men’s Fitness is like a dream come true. It’s also when the plan comes together. When you work so hard at something, you know you try to  impose your will and make something happen.”

Michael B Jordan body Creed

The first scene that we see Michael B. Jordan in is right before his boxing match begins. Sitting alone in a dim room, mentally preparing himself for the fight, Jordan suddenly gets up and heads up the stairs for the start of the match. For this shot, the camera is behind him, so we have a direct view of his back. His back muscles popped out like The Incredible Hulk!  “Gaining 24 pounds of muscle for Creed was super intense: exercise, diet, sleep, and consistency. Then I went out and got the best trainer. He stayed there every step of the way everyday. He was in the gym with me putting time in,” says Jordan.