Lose Weight, Lose Friends? How To Handle Low Key Jealousy After Weight Loss

Weight loss can have a funny effect on the people in our lives, and what you’ll soon begin to notice as you lose weight is that people in general will start to treat you quite differently as your body starts to slim…. and your confidence starts to soar!

Friends might become frenemies, while total strangers may soon become our biggest admirers and romantic interests. And through it all, this effect your weight loss has on other people can be quite unexpected, confusing, and even stressful – which is why I think you should mentally prepare yourself for it happening – because 9 times out of 10 it will!

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In fact, not too long ago I received an email from a young lady expressing similar feelings because one of her closest friends had suddenly becoming quite negative towards her since she lost a considerable amount of weight. The email was so profound that it inspired me to talk about this issue in my latest Fit 411 episode, and if you’d like to read the email yourself, you can check it out here.