Lose Weight, Lose Friends? How To Handle Friendships After Weight Loss

Weight loss can have a funny effect on the people in our lives, and what you’ll soon begin to notice as you lose weight is that people in general will start to treat you quite differently as your body starts to slim…. and your confidence starts to soar!

Friends might become frenemies, while total strangers may soon become our biggest admirers and romantic interests. And through it all, this effect your weight loss has on other people can be quite unexpected, confusing, and even stressful – which is why I think you should mentally prepare yourself for it happening – because 9 times out of 10 it will!

Fitness and weight loss enthusiast Tameika shares her story of how it wasn’t just other people treating her different after her nearly 100-pound weight loss, but also her treating others different as well:

(Photo credit: @Tameikag Instagram)

After losing the weight, things changed. I had been overweight my entire life and was not ready for the level of attention I started receiving. People who never gave me the time of day before, all of a sudden did. I was still the same person, just in a new body, yet everything felt so different. I was treated way better in the work place, strangers were far nicer, “friends” starting including me in plans, and the same type of man who walked right passed me before, all of a sudden would stop to chat. I had a really hard time deciphering what was authentic and what wasn’t… I began to blatantly see just how much emphasis the world places on external beauty and frankly, I wasn’t comfortable with it.

Then, in true human nature, I got sucked into it. I turned obnoxiously superficial …. to try to mold myself into this person that I felt I now “had” be. I started shopping incessantly, putting way too much emphasis on my outer appearance, and the worst part began – the extreme dieting/exercise. All to keep up with this “new me”. I started to become the girl who relied on her looks more than what was on the inside… something I had ever done in my life.

Thankfully, after a few years, things changed. My internal transformation happened when I started traveling 5 years ago. My perspective on looks and material possessions changed with every new country I saw. I started visiting developing countries where I couldn’t be superficial even I tried lol. I’m now a nomad, sold everything I own, & live out of one suitcase for the majority of the year.

I started finding deeper meaning in life and became truly confident with what I had to offer this world – looks aside. I got back to the basics and in turn, felt so much more comfortable in my skin!

If you’re entering this process, or on it, I’m just sharing so you can be mindful of this inevitable. Don’t forget about the person you were, all because of the new body you’re in. Use your journey as a message of empowerment and strength. Be happy in your new body, but stay humble and grounded. You have so much more to offer.”