Kitchen Workouts: Burn Calories Before Your Food Hits The Plate!

African American Black man cleaning kitchen stoveThere’s nothing like a mindless way of burning some calories right? Well, what if I told you that calorie’s can be burned while you do one of my favorite things – cooking! According to, being active in the kitchen can take you quite far. Apparently for every minute spent making your man or lady a meal you are burning 3 calories!

“Twenty minutes of peeling, cutting, and mashing vegetables burns 54 calories. Thirty minutes of mixing and whisking (by hand) burns 81 calories. Forty minutes of chopping, dicing, and sautéing burns 103 calories. Fifty minutes of measuring ingredients, prepping, and mixing torches 119 calories,” the site claims.

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And let’s not have your favorite Pandora station playing in the background, that’s at least another 100 calories ready to get burned dancing! How about trying to take this calorie-burning cooking session to the next level?

Try any of these four in-the-kitchen workouts to prepare yourself for your next yummy meal intake.

1. Squats

Ever realize how much up and down movement you do in the kitchen, loading the dishwasher, putting away groceries, looking for pots and pans? Why not try and make each movement into a squat. If it requires you to bend down, squat down. Your legs and butt will thank you later.

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