10 Things I’m Personally Tired Of Hearing About Natural Hair

I’ve been natural for over four years and I, like any other natural, have heard some really insane things. And to be quite honest with you…I’m over it!

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Let’s not waste any time here and get right into this list…

1. “Natural ain’t for everybody.”

You know what? This really gets on my last nerves because you know what else ain’t for everybody? RELAXER, but I don’t go around telling folks that when the topic of relaxers comes up. The same could be said about wigs, certain shades of lipstick and leggings. I could go on, however, I’m sure you get the point.

2. “I couldn’t do it.”

Okay, girl, that’s fine. Please stop acting like I go around to salons on Saturdays slapping relaxer out stylists’ hands. I’m not in the Natural Hair Illuminati and I’m not looking to convert you. Your scalp, your business. Trust me, I’m not going to like you any less if you go outside of the natural hair space.

3. “She’s natural so that means she doesn’t wear makeup.”

You stop using a chemical straightener and people think that you’ve given up on enhancing your beauty. Y’all giving me too much credit, I’m really not that deep! I like makeup, I like being fly, I like having fun with beauty and sometimes I like to be as shallow as a kiddie pool.

4. “Hey…*insert well-known celeb natural that you don’t even look like*!”

“Hey Macy Gray!” Or, “Hey Erykah Badu!” *side eye* I don’t look like either of these sistars.  I just don’t and just stop it! Although just a week ago someone addressed me as Chaka Khan and I was actually fine with that, and that’s because I actually looked like her that day.