7 Expert Tips To Reach Your Weight Loss Goals Faster

3. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.

One of the only rules at 360 Mind.Body.Soul is to, “Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.” Johnson says that even when you’re not eating the healthiest foods, you’re closer to weight loss when you listen to your body.

“I always relate hunger to any other communication that your body tells you — like being cold or hot, or having to use the restroom,” Johnson says. “You know those signals dead on and you know hunger, but we don’t always obey it.”

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4. Be conscious.

African American Black Woman's hands writing in journalIf you’re unaware of your overeating, you may be mentally holding on to other issues and baggage that you’ve got to let go of in order to get in tune with your body.

“To get to the point where you’re eating when you’re not hungry means that you’re unconscious; you’re totally checked out,” Johnson says. “It’s important to release a lot of that to make room to pay attention to your body.”

5. Find healthy ways to soothe wounds.

Johnson says that when other people hurt us, the first thing we do is go for things that are bad for us: the snacks, the drinks, the fatty meals.

Instead of going for comfort food, find the root of the problem and fix it there. It’s likely that the answer will be a mental one and can’t be found in the ice cream aisle.