Your Healthy Travel Game Plan

3. Pack snacks

On the healthy eating tip, one of the most difficult times to stay healthy is when hunger strikes at the airport. First, that food is EXPENSIVE! Second, most airport food is prepared for convenience, which typically means it is higher in calories, sodium and everything else you don’t want in your body. Try packing a lunch box with protein bars, nuts, and jerky to keep your protein intake up, keeping you fuller for the long haul. TSA allows you to bring food in your carry-ons, but you’ll have to ditch the protein shake or other beverage before you enter the security line.

4. Stay hydrated

African American Black woman drinking waterMost of us prefer to avoid airplane restrooms like the plague, but that usually results in avoiding liquids during the trip. Drinking plenty of water can keep you looking and feeling fresh from departure to arrival. So just suck it up and use that restroom. The benefits definitely outweigh the pesky, and sometimes shaky trip to the airplane restroom. To avoid spending $5 on one water bottle at the airport, you can carry an empty water bottle with you. Most airports now have filtered water fountains for all your hydration pleasure!

5. Hit the local gym!

If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, or you’re not staying at a hotel at all, you can still stick to your workout regimen. If you are a member of a large gym chain like Golds Gym, Washington Sports Club, or LA Fitness, you can often gain access to any gym location around the country or world. If you can’t find your gym on your trip, you can always sign up for a guest pass ahead of time at a nearby gym. Some will even give you free access if you plan to use the facility for just one day.


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