#WeSeeYou: Woman Inspires A Generation To Take Back Their Lives

weseeyou#WeSeeYou is BlackDoctor.org’s new weekly series highlighting those unsung heroes of health who are doing something incredible that needs to be shown to the world. We acknowledge them, celebrate them and honor them. We see you!

“I had literally already planned my own funeral, had sat down with pen and paper, written instructions as to how the service would go. I was suffering with stroke level high blood pressure and aching joints. I had diabetes and my feet were numb in the mornings. I couldn’t go on. I was working a job that kept me standing all day, and that was increasingly hard to do. My father had died suddenly and I found myself in the throes of grief, wrestling with my own mortality. There seemed to be no way out of my depression.”

Those are the words of Tamera from her website after losing more than 250 pounds naturally.

Tamara has been quietly building a weight loss and motivational empire on social media just through her own testimony. With a starting weight at 438 pounds, Tamara has literally been shedding pounds every week taking her down to 192 pounds currently.

She is always motivating the thousands of followers she has on Instagram and doesn’t let any of them give up on their goal to live healthy. She says that taking control of her health and weight have truly given her her life back and she wants other to do the same.

Her mantra on her website is simple, yet powerful: “I started Getting My Life Back Now with a vision to inspire others. My goal is to help others reclaim their personal power by seeing the good in themselves.”

Take back your life with Tamara. Here’s a sample of what she shares with her followers:

“Started with my Mind Now Im here!! Created my own lifestyle based on my personal needs.. Do not let others define your worth and tell you what you cant do! Im a living testimony.

(Photo credit: GettingMyLifeBackNow.com)

Highest known weight 438lbs Recent weight 192lbs.. No crazy diets just changed my mindset and slowly changed my relationship with food and started walking 30 min a day.. Slow & steady is my pace.. Its not a finish line for me only hills to climb and a path toward being my own kinda Greatness.. Self Love is the greatest gift you can give yourself.. Mind Body Soul. Its all connected lets GO!!”