Make Your Child’s Favorite Snacks Healthier

little boy eating in the park

If you’re on a mission to have a healthier 2016, there’s no reason that goal can’t extend to your entire family. Even the picky, smallest members of your clan can get into mix.

Here are five healthy takes on your kids’ favorite snacks that you can easily prepare:


1. Sweet potato fries

What kid doesn’t love yummy fries? Sweet potatoes are filled with nutrients like potassium, vitamin A and fiber. Just one medium-sized sweet potato is about a quarter of the recommended daily fiber amount. This recipe from Cookie and Kate is for one sweet potato worth of fries per person.

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2. Baked chicken nuggets

Chicken nuggets are bite-sized and perfect for little fingers. But who says they have to be fried? Keep the crunch but skip the extra fat with this Martha Stewart recipe.