Houston Gets Healthy: Rapper Mike Jones Loses Over 100-lbs

mike jones weight lossHouston rapper Mike Jones, who rose to fame in 2005 with songs that had fans shouting his name in songs like “Back Then” where the rapper professed “Back then they didn’t want me, now I’m hot, now they’re all on me.”

But over the past few years, nobody has seen Mike to even shout his name anymore. The Houston native has been off the scene for at least four years.

But he emerged with a new look — losing over 100 pounds, and honestly looking younger than when he first hit the scene.

His weight loss photo was met with mixed reactions from the rapper’s fans and critics, however, Mike seems to be pretty proud of his accomplishment. He tweeted this in reply to the public response to his weight loss:

“It’s funny when I was 300 pounds they

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