How To Baby Your Edges

African American Black woman bun hairstyleAs a Black girl I understand that our edges are the weakest link when it comes to our hair. They go through the most torture. From pressing them out, laying them down, pulling them super tight for high buns and pony tails, to intricately placing them to look like baby hair. Our edges are unfortunately victims of constant abuse. It’s time we took better care of our hairlines!

1. Larger parts

With braids, twists and faux locs being the major hair trends right now, it’s important to remember to take care of those edges. Try to steer clear of skinny parts at the hair line. Making larger parts at the hair line will put less stress on your already stressed out edges. Also, try and refrain from over styling your already styled hair. Too much manipulation of braids and twists can put a lot of stress on those edges as well!

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2. Low maintenance styles 

When protective styling your natural hair try to remember less is more. Do a style that doesn’t require daily detangling and constant manipulation. Do something that isn’t going to make you brush down your edges for 20 minutes like you do in order to get the highest, tightest bun or ponytail. Try a halo braid. They are pretty and very low maintenance.