Men: 4 Real Reasons She Hates Your Semen

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Oral sex is a part of life. If you and your partner have a healthy sexual relationship, then it’s most likely that the topic of oral sex has come up. You might notice that she might not be as enthusiastic about as you, and it could have to do with the fact that she doesn’t like your semen. No worries, there is hope! With a few simple lifestyle changes you may be able to get her to change her mind about it!

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1. Taste/Smell

“When he came, it smelled like chemicals,” – Laurie, 40

According to Brian Steixner, MD, the director of the Institute for Men’s Health at Jersey Urology Group, it is absolutely natural for a man’s semen to smell like a swimming pool, bleach or ammonia. In fact he says, “Semen does contain ammonia and other sterile-smelling alkaloids.”

For years there have been rumors and beliefs of you are what you eat and pineapples make you taste sweet. Well, there are plenty of sex experts who agree. One in particular, Sexologist Ava Cadell. She says, “There are lots of things that can affect the flavor of a man’s semen..when a guy smokes, drinks a ton of coffee, or eats a lot of garlic or red meat, his semen will likely be more acidic and less pleasant-tasting.”

A healthier diet that includes healthy levels of water, fruit, protein and vegetables will lead to better tasting semen.

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2. Color

“I’d never seen anything like it and immediately feared it was an STD,” – Tiffany, 32

Dr. Steixner says, “pale yellow is considered normal, but if it’s a darker yellow and combined with a foul odor, it can be a prostate or seminal vesicle infection and you should get checked out by a doctor.”

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