Yoga Untwisted: 5 Types That Might Be Right For You

African American Black woman Doing Yoga Upward Dog

If you weren’t too fond of past yoga experiences, don’t give up on it this year. It’s possible that you just haven’t found the type that’s best for you. As an expansive practice that over 20 million Americans practice each year, each style has its own unique attributes.

Here is a quick breakdown of five of the most common types of yoga and what you can expect in those classes:

1. Hatha

Who loves it: Beginners and anyone who wants to relax

If you’re looking to try yoga for the first time, Hatha is the way to go. It’ll teach you many of the basic moves that yoga is known for, like downward-facing dog, warrior and tree. It’s gentle and will leave you relaxed.

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2. Vinyasa

Who loves it: Fast movers

Vinyasa yoga is perfect for yogis who love change. No two classes are the same and are filled with fluid transitions between poses. It’s also the base for many of today’s popular yoga styles.