15 Things You’re Doing All Wrong To Your Natural Hair

African American Black woman looking at her natural curly hair

As we get into this #30DayHairDetox I’m finding so much misinformation out in these Natural Hair Streets that I decided now would be an absolutely great time for me and my partner Aeleise to address them.

1. Pre-pooing with oil

*SIGH*…This is one of many examples of doing entirely too much. So, you’re going to put oil on your hair and then you’re going to wash said oil off. But you don’t use harsh shampoos that have the capability to remove the heavy oils and butters we like to use, so you still have oil and butter on your hair because you used a mild shampoo. And then you’re going to put more oils and butters on your hair.  If you don’t clarify the oil layer off of the hair and allow water to get into the cuticle you’re moisturizing dry hair.

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2. Exclusively using mild and sulfate-free shampoos

Mild and sulfate-free shampoos are great when used in conjunction with a clarifying shampoo routine.  Mild and sulfate-free shampoos don’t have the ability to remove the oil and butter buildup that most of us have on our hair. Oils and butters need surfactents to be removed completely from the hair.

3. Too focused on length and not enough on hair care

Wanting long/big hair is a nice goal but having the best curls of your life would serve you better.  If you’re ever going to really have long/big hair you must first get down to the business of properly taking care of it and taking care of it means to focus on having a good hair care regimen, using products that work for your hair and making sure your hair is properly hydrated.