#WeSeeYou: Amazing! Woman Who Survived 2 Car Crashes, Seizures & Total Memory Loss Is Now A Personal Trainer & Owns A Fitness Studio


There is absolutely NO excuse for why we can’t overcome any challenge to getting healthy and fit. Caprice O’Bryant knows this for sure. The 22-year-old Chicago-area woman has been through the wire, surviving a car accident at 14 and learning how to walk again and then surviving a second car accident a few years later that left her with seizures. At 19, she had a severe seizure that caused her to hit her head on the ground, resulting in total memory loss.

“I lost my memory in 2012, so the day that I hit my head on the concrete I had a seizure. I don’t remember anything before June 18, 2012,” Caprice said in her inspiring video on WCIU’s “You & Me This Morning” show featured today as part of their ‘Inspiring U’ segment.

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