Jamie Foxx: “You’ve Got Angels Around You”

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**UPDATE as of 1/19/2016 at 6:05pm**: – Jamie Foxx speaks to the press about what exactly happend that night where he rescued the man from his burning car.

The actor says he heard the crash and saw that the car was overturned, and went into the car to help him, but the man was stuck in his seat belt.  Jamie said to the man, “You need to help me help you out of here.  Listen, you’ve got angels around you, it’ll be okay.”  And just then a car stopped that just so happened to have an emergency medical technician (EMT) driving the car.  The EMT had scissors and gave them to Jamie in order to cut the man out of his seat belt.

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It was then that a little heat hit the man’s leg which allowed him to stretch out and up allowing Jamie to pull him from the vehicle. And within five seconds after clearing the vehicle, the car exploded. It they would have stayed there for 5 more seconds, there would be a totally different story to tell.

Jamie met with the man’s father, who stopped by his house to thank him for saving his son.  Jamie showed him the surveillance tapes of what happened and the man said, “There was car after car that went passed, but no one stopped until that man who was an EMT. I kept watching the tapes over and over again and I kept saying ‘My God, my God.'”

“I don’t think of it as anything heroic, it just needed to be done,” Jamie says to a CBS news reporter.

And thank God you did, Jamie.

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Jamie Foxx is not your typical multi-talented artist. He’s a comedian, singer, songwriter, musician, actor and most recently, now you can add “hero” to that list as well. Foxx came to the rescue of a man involved in a car crash outside the actor’s home in Hidden Valley, California, on Monday night.

Sources confirm police reports that the actor rushed to the scene after the driver lost control of the vehicle, skidded off the road and flipped the car, which then burst into flames.

After calling 911, Fox, 48, pulled the man, who had been buckled in, out of the burning vehicle. The victim, identified as Brett Kyle, 32, suffered injuries and was rushed to a hospital.

Because of the flames, Jamie could’ve easily suffered injuries of first or second-degree burns or even lung damage due to the smoke. But Foxx just jumped into action only thinking of saving the person inside.

When rescuing someone surrounded by flames, either from a car, home, apartment or etc, the first thing you need to realize is that smoke inhalation causes people to become disoriented and can even render a person unconscious. Knowing this, you should cover your nose and mouth. Placing a shirt or a wet rag over your nose and mouth, not just your arm, would be best but only if you have time. This will only buy you a minute or so, which is not a lot of time, but it does help to filter those products of combustion which lead to smoke inhalation.

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Inhaling smoke decreases the body’s oxygen supply. This can cause headaches, reduce alertness, and aggravate a heart condition known as angina. Fine particles are able to travel deeply into the respiratory tract, reaching the lungs. Inhaling fine particles can cause a variety of health effects, including respiratory irritation and shortness of breath, and can worsen medical conditions such as asthma and heart disease.

“Two witnesses that were near the collision scene ran to the burning, overturned truck in an attempt to free the driver,” police said in a statement to…