[OPINION]: “Have A Seat, Stacey. Don’t Forget To Thank Black Spaces For Your Right To Do So.”

Stacey Dash on Fox's "Outnumbered"

Stacey Dash on Fox’s “Outnumbered”

During a recent episode of Fox’s “Outnumbered,” actress and commentator Stacey Dash said, “There is no need for a BET or a BET Awards or an Image Awards or NAACP for that matter. We don’t need it anymore.” Sure, these programs and Black media in general have been supportive of her past career, but according to Dash we’re not necessary anymore. One BlackDoctor.org reader shares her food for thought.

Dear Stacey Dash,

As a young Black woman, I thought your decision to be on the cover of Playboy at 40 years old was a powerful move for women who are constantly discriminated against due to their age and race. That image was ruined when you victim-blamed rape victims on “Outnumbered.” You referred to them as “bad girls who like to be naughty.” How could these words come from the same woman who spoke openly about having sex on the first date?

I find it interesting that you now call yourself an “independent-thinking black woman” who’s calling BET on their bluff. Not long ago, you were telling Wendy Williams and Jamie Foxx that you needed approval from a man to know that you were beautiful.