Decode Your Food Cravings & Feed Them The Right Way

African American Black woman deciding if she wants milkshake

Yes, you should feed your food cravings! I know, I know everyone tells you that they are bad. They seem to want to take over your entire being. After all, who really wants to eat pickles and cheese?!  And yes, you probably give too much money to Dove or Hersey’s but you should feed your cravings.

Why? It’s your body’s way of telling you that something is missing. Which is a good thing, right? Rest assured it is. On one hand, your “translators or neurotransmitters” may not be working properly. When your brain sends a signal of a craving it’s because you’re lacking some essential nutrients. How you translate or fulfill it, on the other hand, is a completely different thing.

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We translate according to our former less-informed habits that we probably picked up as a child. Your mind naturally returns to things that are familiar to you, including your food habits. I grew up on ridiculous amounts and various sources of unnatural sugars. Now, I’ll have two to three pieces of my favorite fruit in the mornings. And guess what?I ’m not craving junk food because I fed my cravings. You can too!

You have to learn to decode your cravings so that they serve you. Here’s how:


The first step to decoding your craving is to identify what the feeling or taste is that you’re seeking. I personally used to crave a Butterfingers or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups at random times. The actual signal coming from my brain was “sugar”.