‘Mom, Twin & Me’: Proof That Black Doesn’t Crack

With what started out as a screen shot of the video above, now has over 43,000 likes on one photo. The Mahomes’ family quickly shut down the Internet with their mother and daughter photo — and that’s because no one can tell which one is the daughter and which one is the mom.

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Kaylan Mahomes posted a photo of her twin and mother, and simply labeled it “Mom, Twin & Me”. But she definitely wasn’t expecting it to get the types of response she received. Literally, people from all over the world, from Zimbabwe to Thailand and Jamaica–and all kinds of races were commenting and sharing the one photo and of course had everybody guessing–which one?

Here’s a better look (below). Can you tell?

which one


Kaylan also dishes exclusively to Hello Beautiful on the beauty secret that her mom shared with her:

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