Big Boi Talks Alcohol Poisoning, Loving His Wife And Why He & Andre’ 3000 Will Always Be ‘Brothers For Life’

big boi outkastBig Boi is best known as one-half of the hugely popular duo Outkast. André 3000 is the creative, musically gifted experimentalist, while Big Boi provided street cred and intelligent southern hip-hop flow. The duo worked for years, earning them accolades, 10’s of millions records sold all around the world (the album “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below” sold 10 million by itself) and even a Grammy for album of the year. But Big Boi has plenty more on his plate these days. He’s producing other artists and still recording songs with major stars, shot a pilot for HBO, is recording his third solo record, talks about an OutKast biopic in the works and hints that he may hook up with Andre 3000 for another Outkast reunion.

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Yet, even with all of that, the close bond that Big Boi and Andre’ started with is still there.

“We’re definitely in close contact,” Big Boi says in recent interview on HuffPostLive. “We hung out all summer with our boys and did things like going paintballing … and being dads, and we took our kids to see the movie ‘Dope’ and things like that,” he said. “So I guess if we’re not in the public eye making music, people just don’t know. We’re brothers before music. We were brothers before this and we’re going to be brothers for life.”

outkast youngThere only one other thing that makes Big Boi more proud of besides the growth of his relationships with Andre’, his wife and his children, and that’s his own personal growth. He’s come a long way and is proud of it.

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Big Boi reflects on some of his younger years when he and ‘Dre first got started.

“[When partying] I started out at the strip club called the Gentleman’s Club, one of the best strip clubs in Atlanta. We used to go there all the time. This was back in the days when I had an iron liver. We used to drink Cuervo Gold tequila. We’d do like 20 shots. It was crazy.”

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“This was before I knew anything about alcohol poisoning. But I used to drink a lot of water too, so I kind of filtered it.”

That’s the thing that most of people don’t understand.  Many people take a drink every now and then, but in order to help your body recorver faster, you cannot forget to drink water.  Water helps dilute the effects of alcohol and even sometimes reverse they dehydration effects that so often accompany with it. For every 1 – 2 drinks, an 8 oz. glass of water can help.

“It was before the days of Uber, so I had my homeboys drive me around. We’d go to the club and order about 50 shots or so. I wouldn’t feel nothing until after about the first ten shots. Something about Cuervo Gold, it just makes you randy. So after about 20 shots, I get home and wake my wife up and from there.”

“It was some of the most intense lovemaking ever in history. I’m talking about, your body is numb. The key to it is that you have to drink bottles of water. You get home after drinking 20 shots and your wife is dead asleep, I don’t care if she got a bonnet, a do rag, hair rollers, she’ll look like the black Marilyn Monroe to me. I just kinda snatched the covers off her and we had a good old time.”

“That was my third child, my son. It was great, man. It was almost like a ritual. Just doing all those shots and going home and partying. My wife don’t really drink that much. She might drink a vodka and cranberry or some wine. But we were just having fun, enjoying life to the fullest.”

“Nowadays I just do Hennessy on the rocks, rarely. I’m older now so all that old stuff has slowed down. More water, less alcohol. I can’t really drink Champagne, even though its on my [tour] rider. I got…

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