4 Very Odd Beauty Routine Remixes

woman putting product on her skin

Before you go digging into your friend’s medicine cabinet and pass judgment on her daily routine, take into consideration that some products serve more than one purpose. We all know there are multiple uses for things like vinegar, peroxide, baking soda and Vaseline, but have you heard about these:

Preparation H

Preparation H isn’t just for hemorrhoids. This over-the-counter ointment has been regarded as one of the best-kept secrets among older women with wrinkle-free skin. Preparation H has become increasingly popular in the fitness industry as well, particularly among those who use plastic wraps to temporarily shrink, or remove excess water from, their waistlines. According to ABC News, the phenylephrine HCL ingredient shrinks the tissue and tightens the muscles wherever Preparation H is applied. Because the active ingredient works by constricting blood vessels, those with high blood pressure are advised to refrain from using Preparation H beyond its intended use.

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