Are Yoni Pearls & Herbal Tampons For Womb Detox Safe?

Another physician, Dr. Erika Feuerstein, said, “Womb detoxes are a definite no-no, just like douching, which we suggest women never do… Putting these pearls in the vagina will likely cause an infection and increase vaginal discharge,” in her interview with the National Post.

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Though many medical physicians warn against using womb cleansing products, there are no studies to prove how effective or harmful they are. Companies, like Embrace Pangaea, believe allegations of TSS are brought up to dissuade women from purchasing holistic products, which have been said to threaten the pharmaceutical industry. But even Embrace Pangaea encourages their clients to consult with a licensed healthcare professional before purchasing.

Womb Wellness

jade eggsFor many women, overall womb wellness is a spiritual journey in which they study the metaphysical functionality of crystals. Among those women, the more popular approach to womb wellness is inserting a yoni egg, or egg-shaped crystal, into the vagina, where it’s said to absorb and transmit energy. They can also use the yoni egg by placing on the skin, near the womb, during meditation.

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Chartreuse Tembo Barriere, the founder of Age of Eleven, is the author of “The Yoni Egg Shadow Integration Workbook,” a 28-day astrological guide through the journey of womb wellness. In her workbook, she focuses on astrology, chakras, sound healing, meditation, breath work and daily exercises.

“There is a metaphysical cause for every disease,” said Barriere. The majority of her clients are troubled with issues like self-love, sexual trauma, and mental clarity and direction. Women choose a yoni egg based off of a stone’s properties. For instance, the rose quartz stone is used to make oneself available for all forms of love. Barriere says it is normal for women to experience a discharge after removing the yoni egg. But unlike some products, the discharge is more of an “increased wetness” instead of a thick mucous or tissue.

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Barriere, who has never used womb cleansing pearls, said she hears mixed reviews on the womb cleansing techniques from her clients. Still, she supports any woman who seeks guidance on womb wellness because “every woman can benefit from being aware of their womb center.”

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Ask your doctor

Do thorough research and contact a licensed medical professional prior to using any of the womb cleansing products.

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