Get Rid Of Car Clutter For Better Mental Wellness

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Everyone has that one friend who’s in denial about how cluttered their car is. Their front seat is filled with office must-haves and the back seat looks similar to a waste hazard.

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If you have to make room for passengers every time it’s your turn to carpool, chances are it’s you. If your friends “jokingly” tell you that you need to clean out your car, or give you a gift card to a car detailer for your birthday, you may be a clutter lover. Here are five reasons to give your car a little TLC for a stress-free commute.

 1. Actin’ Brand New

Think about how excited you were the day you bought your brand new car. Now, would that experience have been different if it were given to you full of clutter? A part of that experience had a lot to do with that “new car smell” that you just couldn’t get enough of and wanted to last forever. But, over time, that smell of achievement was masked by less desirable fragrances and clutter. Cleaning out your car can recreate that same feeling of achievement and add a positive boost to your morning commute.

2. Get Rid of Emotional Baggage

According to an article from the Denver Post on the psychology of clutter, professional organizers and psychologists often refer clients to one another. That’s because clutter is often the sign of a deeper unresolved issue. In many cases, clutter can be the outward effect of internal issues like depression, unexplainable fatigue or stress.

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While gearing your emotions toward clutter provides a distraction from the real issue, it can also make matters worse by adding to your reason for frustration. Decluttering your car will remove that distraction and allow you to focus on the real issue. According to professional organizer and New York Times bestselling author Regina Leeds, the internal pain that creates the clutter, and the avoidance that is achieved through the clutter, is only part of the psychological puzzle.

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