Want Healthier Hair? Avoid This Kind Of Shampoo [VIDEO]


Tired of unruly and unmanageable hair that looks dry, dull and just plain MEH? Well, the solution could be as simple as switching out your shampoo. I’m sure lots of you will be very surprised by what I’m about to share, but fact is many traditional shampoos contain an ingredient that’s very damaging to our hair, and the more we lather up with these types of shampoos the worse our hair can end up looking and feeling.

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Lucky for us this “not-so-hair-friendly” ingredient isn’t found in all shampoos and it’s very easy to avoid if you know what to look for. To learn exactly what this ingredient is, and how to avoid it so you can pick the best and healthiest shampoo for your hair, check out my Fit 411 episode!

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