10 Social Media Mistakes Hurting Your Personal Brand

5. Lack of original content

Social media has made it extremely easy for the masses to publish content and sometimes it can be a fight through the fog to separate the real from the fake. When it comes to your personal brand, original content is a great way to establish credibility and trust among your audience as well as position you as an authority in your field of interest.

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African American Black Businesswoman walking by office building, side view6. No profile image

Credibility is best established when a face can be matched to a name. Make sure that your audience knows who they are talking to. If not, you may be missing an opportunity to build quality relationships.

7. Sharing content that is too personal

Your audience and peers want to know you, but there are some things that just aren’t for social media. Develop a personal list of filters to decide what your boundaries are. If you wouldn’t want the content posted on a highway billboard with your name next to it, don’t share it.

8. Too many “selfies” in relation to overall value of content shared

You’re attractive; however, it’s important to find a balance between self-promotion and content that your audience will, too, find valuable.

9. Outdated profiles

A very important element to branding oneself is being relevant. Outdated profiles send a signal to your audience that you may be out of touch or not worth keeping up with. One quality post per day, three times per week is a good structure to build upon.

10. No consistency across social platforms

With branding, consistency is key. Make it easy for others to find you and recognize you by being consistent with social media handles, profile images as well as the overall tone of content shared across platforms.

Consider your social media accounts as your personal brand’s visual storyboard or online portfolio. Once content is in cyberspace, it lingers forever. If a prospect visited your profiles today, would they find content that is the best representation of you and/or your business? If not, it’s time to shape it up!

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