Baby Buns Update: “We Know God Is Still Working”

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We know God is still working and we will not lose our faith, hope and joy in everything that we are experiencing. We appreciate all of your love and support. God knew what we needed and He sent you all. ‪#‎TeamKaleb‬ ‪#‎BabyBunsForLife‬”

Days later, the family shares some of the emotions they have been experiencing as well.

baby buns 4

“I believe God can and will exceed our expectations in Kaleb’s life. We will not allow our dreams and our desires be disrupted or distracted with doubt or negative thoughts. We are claiming the victory for Kaleb today, we claim healing, even when it looks like it’s impossible we know all things are possible with God. Say a special prayer for BabyBuns as we take a step towards his healing. ‪#‎TeamKaleb‬ (5 lbs 3 oz) No projected release date but it’s coming!”

Baby buns“My heart has been racing all day even while I prayed, I asked God to not just spare my baby’s life but give him abundant life.
At first, I wanted to keep Kaleb’s surgery private. I didn’t want anyone to be discouraged, But with every successful procedure we need God to get the glory, while God is healing Kaleb,…

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