Arch Enemy: 5 Common Mistakes Women Make With Their Eyebrows

close up African American woman eyebrows

Putting your best face forward should most certainly start with the most perfect set of brows. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with eyebrow expert and artist Tasha Mac, owner of Fabulous Lashes & Brows in Chicago, about the mistakes us ladies are making when it comes to our eyebrows. Tasha was very candid!

She shared five common mistakes she and other brow artists encounter regularly. Take heed!

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1. Letting Lottie Dottie and anybody else have their way with your brows.

Don’t let your barber, your nail lady or your homegirl who you think does a nice job on her brows do yours. You want your brows looking nice, right and perfect for your face and it’s important that you get them done by a professional eyebrow artist.  Tasha asks, “When was the last time you went to the dentist for a pap smear?” Exactly.

2. Changing your brow artist frequently.

Tasha states that it’s very important that you remain consistent and faithful to your chosen brow artist. Jumping from person to person puts your eyebrows at risk for a bad brow job. Every time you change brow artists it’s like starting over again. When you stay faithful to your brow artist they know your brow history and have the ability to keep your brows perfect and tailor made for your face.

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