Arch Enemy: 5 Common Mistakes Women Make With Their Eyebrows

3. DIY (Doing-It-Yourself).

Yes, those step-by-step instructions that you spotted on Instagram look easy. However, you are not a trained brow artist and Tasha suggests you not touch them. And for the love of God, do not attempt to touch up your brows in between visits! Tasha says tweezing those one or two strands can make or break preserving the shape of your brows.

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4. Minding everyone else’s brows but your own.

Tasha believes it’s extremely important for every woman to know, “you cannot duplicate someone else’s brow shape….Your brows are your brows. You have to accept your brows and let the brow artist create the best look for your brows.”

5. Being unrealistic.

Listen, you know your brows are thin and over plucked. It’s important that you be realistic about their current condition in addition to being very patient about their progress.

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aishia stricklandAishia Strickland is full-time mom to a little Chocolate Prince, full-time beauty school student, lover of multi-textured hair, tastemaker, Editor of Chocolate Curls Beauty and a knower of all THINGS!


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