How To Break Up With Your Personal Trainer

African American woman doing crunches on stability ballYou hired a trainer on January 1st and got to work. Well, it’s been a couple of months, the holiday weight has fallen off, and your personal trainer’s routines are getting a little stale. You think it may be time to move on. But, you have a good thing going with your personal trainer and aren’t quite ready to break things off yet, or aren’t sure how. Don’t fret! We’ve got four surefire ways to help you break up with your personal trainer and successfully continue your fitness journey.

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Avoid them.

You know their schedule better than anybody. Figure out when your trainer is most likely to have a client or not be at the gym and go during those times. If you happen to bump into them while they’re training a client, speak but let them know that you don’t want to intrude on their client’s time and you’ll contact them later. About two months in, they’ll get the hint and stop asking you when you’re going to schedule your next session.

Playas gotta play!

Nothing says I’m over you like finding a new boo, or, in this case, a new trainer. Find a new trainer in the same establishment and begin training with them. When your trainer sees you working with a new trainer, they’ll know what’s up.

Keep it moving.

If that doesn’t work, join a new gym. Nothing says a fresh start like a new elliptical and no sight of your personal trainer. Just be sure not to hire another trainer and have to move again in 12 weeks.

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Don’t do any of the above.

These are all common and incredibly inconsiderate ways to end things with your personal trainer. Don’t be that person.

Here’s the real advice:

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