My Story: Diabetes At Age 17? There’s More To This Than Meets The Eye

…something to be taken lightly. Even though I don’t suffer from diabetes now, I’m close to people who do. With a good support system I guarantee you’ll get through it. I learnt to block out the people in my life that clearly didn’t have my best interest at heart and I keep my circle small. I’m in a better place right now and I’m not embarrassed/scared to talk about what I’m going through.

With this blog, I’d like people who may be going through anxiety or depression to read this and know that there is a way to get help. There’s nothing wrong with us, we just cope with things differently and that sometimes turns against us. I would like to be an example of someone with this disorder, for people to look up to me, and have hope that things will and do get better. Even on those ‘bad’ days.

Yes, I’m 17. Yes, I suffer from this disorder but that is not the end of my life. I am young with a bright future ahead. I’m optimistic that with counselling and support from family and friends everything will fall into place. For those who may be going through the same battle, there is hope! You just have to “LET GO, LET GOD” and believe change will come.


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