Too Tired To Sleep?

Sleep deprivation can be derived from many things, not just busy schedules. Even those with ample amount of leisure time find it hard to get some zzz’s.

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Some people rely on caffeine to stay awake during the hours that they need to be productive. But, this  actually does more damage by forcing your body to use energy that really isn’t there. Not to mention, excessive use of caffeine will eventually increase your caffeine tolerance and make it less effective.

“When people feel tired and want to continue to push themselves, they reach for stimulants, like caffeine and refined sugar. The temporary energy boost a person feels from using stimulants isn’t a sign that the stimulants gave us energy. They didn’t! Instead, they caused us to dig deeper into the body’s energy reserves,” according to Steven Horne, RH(AHG).

There’s an app for that

The most affordable way to improve your sleep is to track it. Sleep tracking apps like Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock or Sleep Better allow you to measure things like the amount of time  you spend experiencing a deep sleep, versus a light sleep.

“Roughly 22% of Americans use smartphone apps to track their sleep, according to a recent report by Consumer Electronics Association. Some apps even include relaxing music or breathing techniques that will motivate you to practice better sleeping habits,” reports the Sense Labs research.

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If you don’t want to track your sleep, simply find ways to relax. You can achieve relaxation with many methods including stretching, aromatherapy, music therapy, and (after you set your sleep app to sleep mode) putting the phone down.


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