4 Ways To Stay Positive With Diabetes

2. Create a support system.

Try to create or join a group of people who are also living with diabetes. This can take away the feeling of being alone in your symptoms and treatment. Also, reach out to your family and friends for support. Don’t be afraid to let them know what you need, even if it’s just company while attending a doctor’s appointment. Limit any negative people and attitudes in your life.

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3. Use positive affirmations.

Don’t blame yourself for your diagnosis. Don’t feel guilty if you have a sweet tooth every once in a while. Use that piece of cake or candy as a reward for sticking to your diabetes diet and management plan. Also, treat yourself to a movie or massage or other relaxing activity when you’ve done a good job managing your diabetes.

4. Focus on positive things.

Many people living with type-2 diabetes focus on what they can’t have instead of the things they can enjoy, explains registered dietitian Constance Brown-Riggs. Don’t focus on the negatives. Find the positives by focusing on foods that you can enjoy, and ways to spice up your meals.

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If you continue to feel overwhelmed and upset about your diabetes diagnosis, you may be slipping into depression. This is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. A Annals of Family Medicine study in 2012 showed that the rate that people saw improved blood sugar tests nearly doubled when they received treatment for diabetes and depression.

If you begin to feel sad, or feel yourself overeating or under eating, schedule an appointment with a physician to discuss the way that you are feeling. Other depression warning signs include a change in sleeping habits and inability to concentrate at work.


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